Fashion-Forward Blouses

Fashion-Forward Blouses While Working From Home

Working from home is something that is becoming more and more common in today’s work environment. Many companies are encouraging their employees to be productive from the comfort of their own home by taking up valuable work without being present physically in the workplace. The correct dress code is still, however, necessary when you’re working from home. This is because making a professional impression in front of your clients, co-workers. Also, the boss can be critical in setting the stage for your presentation or video meeting. Whether your company allows casual clothing style or pore for more stringent formal attire, finding the correct blouse is significant to set up the perfect work from home attire.

Basic Round Neck Long Sleeve Shirt

If you’re looking for a classic look to set you up for your work from the home meeting, nothing beats a good old-fashioned long-sleeved shirt. Opt for lighter colors or go with a classic white to keep yourself cool while being in front of the computer for long hours in the summer heat. Aside from the basic models, you can go with advanced designer options such as puffed sleeves, or front slit details. The options are varied, and one can pick up a particular style based on their preference.

Oversized Shirts

Working from home often means you have to sit in front of a screen for hours without a break. So apart from looking professional, it is also essential to make sure you are comfortable. And what better way to stay cool and convenient than to sport an oversized shirt with the right color palette? Choose from striped or solid color options according to your taste. Having an oversized shirt as your choice of outfit can help you stay comfortable while maintaining professional attire at the same time.

Checkered Shirts

Another option of classic work shirts for your work from home experience is to go with a checkered shirt. One can choose from small or large-sized checks and can pick the right color to match the rest of their outfit. You can even spice things up by going with a contrasting colored collar, such as a black collar against a black and white checkered shirt.

Cropped Button-Down Shirts

Cropped shirts are the perfect mix between being fashion-forward, professional, yet keeping it casual enough for easy work from home experience. The cropped shirts can be knotted or tucked in variants, based on your choice. Solid or darker colored options are often great options to go with when you are looking to dress professionally for your meeting.

Printed Shirts

Nothing spells boring more than drab-colored, single textured button-down shirts that seem to be always out of fashion. Make your work from home experience an enjoyable one by sporting a trendy printed shirt that spells fun and colorful. Go with a traditional button-down option with printed details if you’re looking to go strictly professional or be a little adventurous and go with a cropped version of a printed shirt that’s more casual and fashion-forward.

Off Shoulder tops

Working from home can often become a long process where staying comfortable and cool is fundamental amidst the summer heat. Pairing your favorite denim shorts with an off the shoulder blouse can be an excellent outfit for your work from home. One can go with light-colored, single tone options, or opt for a printed top. Either way, sporting the right off-shoulder blouse makes you look trendy and fashionable, and is sure to make a great impression amidst your co-workers and seniors.

Comfortable fabrics are the right choice for summer

If you’re working from home in these summer months, it is highly advisable to opt for 100% cotton or blended cotton blouses when picking out your outfit. Cotton is a fabric that breathes easily, keeping you cool and comfortable. They are a much better fit than synthetic or polyester materials, which can be uncomfortable to wear and make you feel hot in a short while. Being comfortable and at ease is one of the key ingredients to working efficiently from home.

Graphic Tees

If your company allows or prefers casual wear while you’re working from home, it might be tempting to opt for a t-shirt rather than going with a more substantial option in terms of a shirt. But rather than going with a plain, single-colored tee that is boring, make your outfit stand out by choosing a chic graphic tee. Graphic tees make your outfits look cool and trendier without adding any volume to your outfit. They can also help you make a statement with your outfit and, therefore, is an excellent option if you’re looking for fashion-forward ideas for your outfit.

Matching Up the Rest of the Outfit

Once you have picked out your choice of blouse for your work from home attire, it is time to pick out the rest of the outfit. Here it is essential to make sure you match all the components of your outfit. It’s not quite a great idea if you are wearing your sweatpants with your formal shirts, just because you’re working from home. Colour coordination is also an essential aspect of selecting a complete outfit.

Go one step further to make your outfit look great by throwing on some funky accessories to go with your trendy blouse. Necklaces and statement earrings can be of great help in helping your outfit stand out at your virtual workplace. Accessories help to take your outfit to the next level, by providing the much-needed extra touch of glamour that separates a great outfit from a good outfit.

To Sum It Up

Working from home required the perfect balance in terms of being comfortable and looking professional. It can be a difficult task finding out the right outfit that matches all the criteria. By following the tips mentioned above and suggestions, you are assured of finding the best-suited blouse and the perfect outfit, of making your work from home experience a memorable one.